Office 2U

No Contact Office 2U

Whether you are setting up a new office or just upgrading your present environment, Interplex’s No Contact Office 2U offers solutions for every office configuration. We offer a basic package that can be customized with additional features to fit your office’s specific needs and is plug-and-play. Your equipment arrived on-site, your server configured, and all the computers connected to the domain.

Zero Footprint PC

Our basic package includes six Zero- Footprint PCs (ZFPs). A ZFPC frees up your desktop, and your under-desk space, and you avoid the Knee-knocker PC problem caused by bulky under-the-desk towers. Our ZFP is mounted to the back of a 24- inch monitor, thus leaving your desktop computer-free. Each system also includes a monitor, a wireless keyboard, and a wireless mouse.

Mini Server

Our basic package also includes our mini server.  With this server, there is no need to have a bulky tower and a special room to house it. Using a small footprint motherboard, this powerful server will run a domain for security and onsite data storage. It will run Microsoft SQL Server for running EMR, and other specialized programs if your goal is to keep your data local. The server also mounts to the back of a monitor and can be set up on a desk to be accessed as needed. Each server includes a monitor, a wireless keyboard, and a wireless mouse.

Firewall / Router

Your network, secured.

Our Router’s firewall will shut down the advanced and zero-day threats that bypass traditional, signature-based IPs.  We include the antivirus engines of Barracuda CloudGen Firewall.  It's tightly integrated firewall technologies include application profiling, intrusion prevention, web filtering, advanced threat and malware protection, anti-spam, and full-fledged network access control.

Today, network firewalls must do more than just secure your network. They must also ensure you have uninterrupted network availability and robust access to cloud-hosted applications.

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall (BCF) is a family of physical, virtual, and cloud-based applications that protect and enhance your dispersed network infrastructure. It has Scalable centralized management and an advanced security analytics platform that help you reduce administrative overhead while defining and enforcing granular policies across your entire WAN. BCF is the ideal security and connectivity solution for multi-site enterprises, managed service providers, and other organizations with complex, dispersed network infrastructures.


Every business grows. Office 2 U Basic comes prepared for that growth with a sixteen- port rack or wall mountable gigabit switch to accommodate that growth. A twenty-four- port switch is an available option for those who foresee future growth or intend to add multiple network devices.


Ethernet Cabling

We supply enough new cabling to connect your entire system, including any large format printer you may have.


Cloud-Based Office 2U

Many offices today want to have the entire office in the cloud. So there is only a minimal amount of equipment in-house. We offer a cloud solution that can grow with you using Microsoft’s AZURE services and products.

The Azure cloud platform is over 200 products and cloud services designed to help you bring new solutions to your business.  They can help you solve today’s challenges and create a more robust future. Build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds—, on-premises, and at the edge—, with the tools and frameworks of your choice.

Find answers to the business challenges you face with an Azure solution that brings together everything you need—related products, services, and third-party applications. From DevOps to business analytics to the Internet of Things, you’ll be up and running quickly with a scalable, cost-effective solution that works with your existing infrastructure.

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